Friday, June 5, 2020

Etsy Sale On Handmade Gifts For Women at Markets Of Sunshine

Save 60% off on select handmade gifts at Markets of Sunshine, Etsy shop for 5 days only!
Plus, spend $35 or more and you'll get FREE Shipping with a USA mailing address.

Visit our Etsy shop, Markets Of Sunshine <<<click <<<

Look in the shop section titled: Last Chance Sale

You'll find 19 items on sale at 60% off!

We want to make room for new inventory and pass the savings on to you.

Plus, it helps our shop with the Etsy algorithm known as artificial intelligence.  Your sharing of our shop link on your social media and via email is the only word of mouth advertising that we do.  We just can't afford any other way to promote our shop.

So, we want to give a BIG Thank You! to all of our loyal fans who are regularly sharing our shop with others.

In these critical times we live in it is getting harder to make a living.  My husband's remodeling business has taken a huge hit. We are getting small jobs here and there.  But, we are taking the social distancing very seriously.

We don't want to put our health or the health of others at risk.
Since, anyone can have the COV-19 and not even know that they are a carrier of the virus.  It makes working in someones home that much more difficult and dangerous.

We have filed for every form of assistance available to no avail.
We either can't complete the sign-up process due to the website crashing.  Or, we get rejected for some unknown technical reason with very vague information.

Our savings is dwindling month to month.  We know this is not only us.  So our heart goes out to others who are in the same boat as we at this time.

We are also applying to every online company but find that we don't qualify for one reason or another.  The claims make it sound like it's so easy to get a job online.  That is just not true.

Our only comfort is our faith in the hope found in the Bible.  Some may not believe it will come true. That is there choice.
But, we sure believe it will happen and in our lifetime.  We are sharing this hope with anyone who cares to listen and wants a better life for themselves and their loved ones too.

Be Safe!  Stay Positive!  Do something for someone else in need.

Sending You Sunshine,

P.S. I'd love to have you follow me on my YouTube channel and learn how to sew and make other beautiful gifts using paper crafts.  Click here >>> Markets of Sunshine <<<<<<<

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