Monday, February 17, 2020

First Time Shopping On Etsy - how to navigate your account and make a pu...

       Hello! I'm going to help you make your first purchase on Etsy by showing you how to navigate the platform.  Did you know that Etsy is a marketplace of millions of different shops from around the world?

Who knew! Right!

We are going to use this cute Hope praying bear made by Ty Beanie Babies that is in our vintage shop, Pioneer Fundraiser.  There are four (4) available by the way and two people have them in their cart.  I don't know about you but I just adore this cute little plush toys.  I got hooked on them when my daughter was four years old back in 1994.

Watch my video and I'll share our story further about our collection and how it grew over time...

Now on to making your first purchase on Etsy.  Or, just helping you to understand how to update and edit things in your shopper account.

I have found that most of my customer's are making their very first purchase when they find my shop in searching on Google.  A lot of times the shipping address can not be verified by the USPS. This starts a whole conversation between me and the customer to get the right address before I can ship it to them.

If you want to buy an item as a gift and have it shipped directly to the person we can do that too at no extra charge to you.  This video will show you how to do that too.  It's all very easy to do once you have someone show you how to do these things.

I want to take all the frustration out of shopping on Etsy so that you can have a fun and great experience with us.  Hopefully, you'll come to our shops and find something amazing and awesome blossom for you or a friend.

So, without further delay let's watch the video and make your first purchase together.

Thanks so much for your support to my YouTube channel and to our Etsy shop.

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