Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 5: Letter Writing Goal For 2018

Today starts week 5 of my 2018 letter writing goal.
Remember, back in December when I first announced my new year goal was to send 52 letters and cards to 52 friends and family members by the end of 2018?
I invited all of you to join me and some of you have so I hope you are staying on track and following along with me each week.  Catch up from the beginning of week 1 at the link below:

 My favorite way to send my letters is with this pocket letter style you see here.
But, I also added a new style this past week and gave out 2 letters this way to local friends who sadly lost their husbands in a span of a couple of weeks of each other.  Drying tears.

Do you like it?
No more boring cards and letters with just a few words written inside.  Now, I can send cute pocket letters with mini envelopes inside the folded corners.
I put a tea bag inside one of the envelopes.
The 2 mini envelopes on the left and right sides have little notes cards and a scripture that gives encouragement for those days you need a little pick-me-up.
The bottom envelope is filled with confetti and a shaker bag for those days you want to celebrate a milestone you reached.

Read all about week 2, week 3 and week 4 and join in the fun!

Now, it's your turn. Show me on your social media accounts what you are sending out to your friends.  Use my handle @marketssunshine (Twitter)
@marketsofsunshine_jw (Instagram)

Thanks again for stopping by and taking time to read my post.
Sending You Sunshine!
Marsha J.

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