Monday, January 15, 2018

Introducing! The February Signature Collection - Limited Edition Set

I'm so excited to announce our February Signature Collection is here!  Want to see all the pretty handmade products I made for you so that you can reach your goals for the new year?
Take a peek in my Etsy shop, MarketsofSunshine and you'll see the full collection of products featuring...
                                                          Handmade bookmarks  
                                                         with plastic cover and hand stitched
                                                         so they won't come apart!
One set SOLD! Already!
Since most of us are staying indoors to stay warm.  We are getting together with friends and family to enjoy some good times and good food.
What better way than by hosting a tea party!
In addition, to all the new goal setting products I am adding to my Markets of Sunshine shop.
I am also adding new vintage products to our PioneerFundraiser shop that will help you plan your next tea party in style.
Check out our tea cup collection below.

Tea Cup Gifts by Month

That's not all the fun things I have for you this week.
Our #52weeksnailmailchallenge is still going strong.
Check out the cards I made and sent this week below.
I wanted to Thank my over 3000 reader's that visit my blog every month.  I know you are a bit shy because you rarely leave a comment.  So let's play a little game to see who will go out of their comfort zone and leave a comment this week.

Are you ready?  What is your favorite post I did in 2017?  Put the title of the post in the comments box below.

Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha J.

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  1. Who opened and read their newsletter this week? Seems like one of you did and had trouble posting a comment to get the free gift.

    Try it again and see if you can post a comment now. Remember, you have to do both steps to get your free gift in the mail from me.