Sunday, March 5, 2017

Embroidery 101: February #mygiftoflove2017

Are you ready for Spring?  It is one of my favorite times of year. One more month to go and it will be here.  In the meantime, #Mygiftoflove2017 embroidery project is off to an excellent start.  If, I can keep this up each month I will be so happy. I finished my January block and just have a few more stitches to fill in on February and I can move on to March.

I look forward to working on it every night while sitting on the couch next to my husband.  We have turned off the TV and just enjoy having pleasant conversation together about our day.  As I stitch he reads the bible or catches up on an article off of our favorite bible study website,

I can look back at the end of this year with a great since of accomplishment.

So, let's dive into the world of hand embroidery.

Learning to embroider may seem daunting but it doesn't have to be.  With the internet you can now find beginner embroidery 101 stitches all over the worldwide web.  I like to look on Pinterest for inspiration and to find new stitches to add.

Mostly, I like to do my own thing but do it with different stitch styles.  You'll notice on my January block I added a little bit of everything.
There are french knots, stem stitch, back stitch, wheel, satin, loopy and straight stitches used with every word or image seen.  I hand draw the images and words and free hand the embellishments like grass, flowers and vines.

If, you want to get started I would suggest buying just the basics at your local craft store and a beginner embroidery book with lots of pictures.  And, look on Pinterest like I did for more basic stitches to learn.

Here is a basics embroidery supply list I would suggest you start off with.
  • hoops in different sizes (small, medium, large)
  • embroidery needles in various sizes
  • a basic pack of embroidery floss (brights or pastels)
  • a stamped embroidery project kit for beginner
  • Embroidery booklet for beginners with basic stitches
  • Pincushion
  • Scissors
  • Needle threader
 Hoops: I like using the small hoop the best because I can concentrate in one area of small space and then move the hoop around as I go.  It is also easier on your joints if you have arthritis or poor circulation.

Needles:  I use a embroidery needle that I can fit the threader through and at least 6 strands of floss.  I rarely use 6 strands but if I do I want to be able to thread it easily.  Most projects suggest using 3 strands.

Floss:  Now, don't go crazy on buying the floss.  They have a whole wall dedicated at Joann's and I tell you it is addicting.  DMC is the best company I've found for a delightful variety of colors and has the best price.

Stamped Embroidery Kit for beginners:  Here is a cute little kit I found and have listed in my Etsy shop, Pioneer Fundraiser.  It is a used kit but it has all the supplies inside and will get you off to a great start.  Fill it in by color with a step by step instruction sheet.

The pincushion, scissors and needle threader can all be purchased at a local craft store very reasonably.

Congrats! You've just joined thousands of other woman around the world who are keeping this hand sewing art form alive!  By taking a few minutes every day you can accomplish your project in a few months time.

Let me know when you start by posting a comment below.

P.S.  Check out some of my past projects that I have completed.  I started out with counted cross-stitch and worked my way to hand embroidery.  

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