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The Art of the Handwritten Note: Send Words That Heal #cheerup #MosGiftClub

Original Artwork Note Cards by Kayla Jaramillo
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                      "The Adventures of Ranger Spencer"
Ranger Spencer and the B.Y.W.S. are all assembled.  As the chairman he calls the meeting to order.  Let's listen in to the meeting.
Tap, tap.  The meeting of the B.Y.W.S. is called to order.
As you all know we have been working on the issue of getting rid of the Ferrell cats from our beautiful backyards.
While out on patrol I spotted a flicker of light in my backyard.  I discovered it was our resident cat food napper, Tyson Possum.

Is Tyson Possum here?  A gruff voice comes from the back of the room.  Present and at your service!  
Ranger Spencer was appalled at such rudeness.  At our service, how dare he act so innocent.

What do you mean by that?  The whole room was in an uproar.
Quiet! Tap, tap!  Order!  Order!

Now, please explain yourself.

Tyson Possum was now standing next to the chairman's seat.

Let me properly introduce myself.  I am Agent 00P or as you call me Tyson Possum.  I am from the B.Y.W.S. home office, sent here to hasten the eviction of the Ferrell cats.

They realized that Ranger Spencer needed some assistance and since he is a house pet, no offense, and limited to gaining access to the outdoors late at night, I was called in to assist.

Ranger Spencer didn't know whether to feel relieved or offended.  But, he decided it was better to be humble and accept the help of Agent 00P.

When you saw the flicker of light I was in contact with the home office contact.  It is a family of doves that roost over on Lavina Street.

A number of humans in the area are beginning to also help out by setting up cages to trap these wily varmints.  It takes them a little while to figure out how to out smart these critter's but they finally have a system in place that we think is going to work beautifully.

Our job is to keep a headcount and send it in the home office who has a contact with the local Animal Control organization.  They have a resident cat that is our contact on the inside.

Stay on your patrols and keep in contact with Ranger Spencer and he will report to me and I'll report to the secret agent on Lavina Street.

I'll turn the meeting back over to your Ranger Spencer.  Tap, tap.  The meeting is now adjourned.  Go to your posts and report as ordered.

Wow!  Ranger Spencer now knows that he should continue to let Tyson Possum share Bubbles food.  He will encourage her to ask for more servings to keep Agent 00P well fed.
Stay tuned for the exciting report that will be coming in next week.....

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Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha J.
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  1. Promoted your post. I chuckled through the B.Y.W.S. meeting, very unique. Looking forward to the story's next installment.

    1. Thank you Lynda. You are an inspiration to me to write about what I know. Ranger Spencer has a few surprises up his paw soon to be revealed...

  2. At the beginning of the sequel I aw a big difference between the attitude of Ranger Spencer, who has had a great deal of exposure to the Bible via the Jaramillo's Family Worship and the attitude of Tyson. It sounds like the latter is in dire need of a Bible study (hehe)! Seriously, I'm looking forward to continuation of the sequel. Love it!!

    1. That is a great observation Sally. Who knows what Ranger Spencer will be revealing next!

  3. #Cheerup Notecards from #MOSGiftClub are wonderful! A #giveaway too, that is wonderful!! I love the bluebird note cards, have bought several over the past couple of years. Love all Kayla's artwork and Marsha gives the BEST customer service you could ask for!
    Highly recommend #MOSGiftClub.

    1. Thank you for your continued support to Kayla's artwork note cards Joanna. Thank you for that glowing testimonial about my customer service. I want everyone to feel loved and respected when they shop with us.

  4. You make it sound so amazing. And the idea of cheering people up :)

    1. Welcome! to Markets of Sunshine Pailofpearls. I appreciate your kind words and I hope it helps you feel amazing and loved when you read my posts. We all need cheering up each day just to get through these critical times hard to deal with.