Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Top Benefits of Meal Planning - Write It Down!

Everyone wants to eat healthier and live longer.  Am I right?  You'll save time by writing down your weekly meals.
You will make healthier choices, saving you time and money.

Studies show the benefits of meal planning.  Studies also prove eating together as a family makes you happier and you have less stress.
 Here are just a few of the benefits you'll gain from meal planning in our story book meal planner.  Available at Markets of Sunshine Etsy shop.
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  • Save Time
  • Less Stress
  • Save Money
  • Healthier Choices
  • Family time together
Here are some of the top articles around the world wide web that think meal planning is highly beneficial too.  Check them out!

Mayo Clinic Meal Planning Tips

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A Tall Tale Story
The Adventures of Ranger Spencer written by Marsha Jaramillo

                                                              Our story begins on a dark & windy night
Ranger Spencer was napping in his comfortable bed inside the cabin when he suddenly hears loud crunching coming from his backyard.
He knows the only occupant is his feline friend, Bubbles.  A beautiful Siamese cat who he has faithfully guarded for the last 13 years.

He races to the door of his cabin to investigate the noise.  What does he see, but a large ugly Possum stealing the remaining contents of Bubbles dinner.
What should he do next?  Should he chase the varmint off his property or show it some compassion and let it fill it's empty tummy?
Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below and we will continue the story next Thursday.  Stay tuned to see what Ranger Spencer does next about this cat food thief...the Possum varmint.
What should we name the Possum?  Tell us that in the comments box below and we'll pick a name and reveal it in next week's continuation in the "Adventures of Ranger Spencer".

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Marsha J.


  1. Great Sale! And I loved the TALL TALE... So cute! #giveaway #MosGiftClub

    1. Thank you Lynda for sharing your kind thoughts with us. #giveaway #MosGiftClub
      Writing this tall tale will keep my life fun and looking for the next unexpected critter to show up in our backyard is even more fun.

  2. Love, Ranger Spencer!!! I think the possums name should be Tyson..and Ranger Spencer should let him fill his tummy before chasing him away.
    #mosgiftclub, love your #giveaways!! i am so excited that I won! Thhank you so much!!

    1. Tyson is a cute name for a Possum...reminds me of Tyson chicken...I think Possum's are meat eaters as well as cat food nappers. #giveaway #MosGiftClub

  3. Was it possible for that mischievous possum to not steal Bubbles' food? No, it was impossible...this my suggestion for a name for the little rascal: Imp Possible Possum.

    1. That is a great play on words Sally aka The Ostrich, I'll decide on his name and reveal the winner in my next post. #giveaway #MosGiftClub