Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Popular Etsy Products: Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team

  Popular Etsy Products: Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team

I am very proud of what I have accomplished with my business since I started selling on Etsy in 2008.  It has grown from a hobby business into a viable income producing business.  It took years to prefect and years to learn SEO (search engine optimization).  Say that 3 times fast! lol

I am happy to offer my assistance, but it takes hours to do just a few listings in your shop on Etsy.  So, I am now offering my services to help you fix your shop listings for a small hourly rate.  If you are interested in getting my help in order to get sales send an email to me at:

Coming In April

Team Etsy

I am going to share Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team's most popular products with you each week.  These items were sold last week so that makes them popular.

Click on the shop name to browse each shop.  

Let's begin...


 Home decor, crochet table topper, table topper, handmade doily, crochet doily, crochet centerpiece, crochet dollies, Grandma gift idea 9 Inch Crochet Table Topper $4.95

Crochet Hanging Towel & Hot Pad, crochet, knitted, Housewares, Kitchen towels, Hanging Dish Towels Crochet Hanging Towel $15.00

Markets of Sunshine FL 

Use Coupon Code: 15OFF for 15% off you entire order in our shop.  Click Here!
 Dr. Who Gifts Tardis Gifts Drink Coaster Set Blue Tardis Fabric Cork Coasters Dr Who Fabric Dr. Who Cork Coaster Set $10

Cheerful Greeting Card for All Occasion, Bluebird Watercolor Note Card, Original Artwork by Kayla Jaramillo Blue Bird Note Card $2.00

 Pioneer Fundraiser 
Use Coupon Code: 15OFF for 15% off you entire order in our shop.

 Black Panther Stuffed Animal Ty Beanie Babie Velvet the Cat 1995 Vintage Beanie BabiePanther Vintage Toy $7

Brown Rabbit Stuffed Animal Children's Toy Rabbit Ty Beanie Babie Woodland Nursery Brown Rabbie Vintage Toy $7

Vintage Pink Pom Pom Trim Pink Sold Out Vintage Pom-Pom Trim
Yellow Available in our shop here: Pioneer Fundraiser        

Designs By Lizzie Lee G
https://img0.etsystatic.com/054/0/48646391/icm_fullxfull.57084674_4m92xkn6tfokoo0gwk4s.jpg Fabric Document Holder/Folder $24
 https://img1.etsystatic.com/060/0/48646391/icm_fullxfull.57098335_b5oeppdj2w0gck48ocs0.jpg Children's Ministry Organizer $31

 All Organic Hand and Body Lotion - 8 oz. 8 ounce hand and body lotion $10
 Mineral Black Eyeliner Wooden Pencil Length 13cm  Matt Silver color Mineral Black Eyeliner $3
 sterling silver, silver, 925 sterling silver, hoop earrings, gem, dangle earrings, silver wire, hoop earring, weddings, anniversary, gift 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Bloomingtails Dog Duds

 Made to Order Small Dogs Flannel Dress "Juicy" - French Poodle/Eiffel Tower (Ooh La La!) and Paw Prints, Pink, Black and White Yorkie Small Dog Flannel Dress $23.95
Custom Orders Accepted



  1. Getting the SEO right is what makes the difference between sales and no sales on Etsy.

    1. Marsha did a 3 way with us and it was very informative. We had a lot to change and still have work to do. It was very beneficial.

  2. For those not familiar with Marsha or Markets of Sunshine, I want to highly recommend her services!! She has helped dozens of shops gain sales with her insight into SEO optimization. You will not be disappointed !!

  3. Beautiful items made by talented Etsy shop owners!
    Here's my Facebook page link: www.facebook.com/BloomingtailsDogDudds

  4. Marsha you have been a blessing. Thank you so much. Just let me know whatever you need me to do and I will do my best to help.


  5. I'd hoped each and every one of these items would sell, and they did! Congrats to the sellers!! I sold two other items last week, but the photos I sent for this mysteriously ended up blurry.

  6. A set of Dr. Who coasters sold this week in my Markets of Sunshine FL Etsy shop! Thank you!

  7. Sally you were right! Each of these items did sell in our shops! Wahoo!

    Can't wait to post more for next week!