Monday, March 9, 2015

Countdown To Spring Giveaway Contest

Happy Monday!  Spring is in the air!  Can you smell it!  We are counting down to spring here at Markets of Sunshine on our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with a fun post each day to inspire you.

To make it more fun we are going to offer a special giveaway contest in our Tea Party Theme.  Everyone who plays will win!  Each runner up will receive a complimentary note card with the original artwork by artist Kayla Jaramillo.   We make the shipping affordable by using first class shipping at around .50 cent each.  

The grand prize winner will not have to pay for their shipping as a perk for being the Big Winner!

How To Play:

If you missed last weeks post where all the rules are posted you can go see them HERE!

A few of our Etsy team members have been playing along with me in the countdown to spring tea party giveaway.  Show their shops some love by visiting them and adding them to your favorites list.

1.  Blooming Tails Dog Duds

2.  Digi Graphics 4 U

3.  My Secret Compartments

4.  Markets of Sunshine FL

5.  Pioneer Fundraiser

 Follow along in our contest on our Facebook page Here

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  1. Participation in the Tea Party program has been a blast, and once I've submitted my item of the day on my social media sites, I look forward to the next day's post!