Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nancy Drew Retired Fabric Line

If you are a fan of Nancy Drew vintage book collection, you may not have known that there was fabric available with several designs and images of this classic mystery series.  Well, the fabric is now retired and no longer in production.  If you find someone selling the left over of the lot it is double and triple the original price.

Nancy Drew Secret of Shadow Ranch fabric panel appliqued on cotton tote bag can be found exclusively in our Etsy shop My Secret Compartments, while supplies last!

 I am happy that I bought several designs back when it first came available.   The panels will be used on the tote bags and pillow cases.  But, I am trying to come up with what I could use the other fabric designs for. 
I was thinking of pen cases.  I have one that holds 5 pens and rolls up and fits nicely in my purse or just sitting on the end table by my couch.
I also thought of making headbands and including one with any of my Nancy Drew hollow book orders.  I recently, had my first sale from a lady in Alaska and she got one of these headbands as a free gift.
I am patiently waiting for her feedback to see if she even acknowledges the gift and if she liked it and will use it.  The suspense is killing me!  (pun intended) hehe!

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