Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vendor Events: Effective Booth Display Ideas

Since, I began my vendor event planning business it has become ever more apparent that booth display is a huge part of getting customer's to your booth and interested in your product.  So, I have brought together a few of the best ideas I found on the web for your inspiration to help you at your next vendor event.
Looking for the right vendor event for your business is also a huge part of the process.   Effective, booth display is key to getting sales.
Here is what I look for when I audition vendors for my events.  Customer response, display presentation, communication skills, compliance with my rules, no complaining, no trying to change the way I want things run, paying on time, turning in application and samples on time etc....You can find out more about being a vendor with Markets of Sunshine on my Advertise With Us page, click here.

Introduction Sign
Via the Crafty Cloud
First, let's start with the basics of what you'll need to have a successful event.  Complements of
Booth Set-Up
For Your Comfort
For Sales & Marketing
For Your Products
Table Covers
Comfortable, Appropriate Clothing
Pen & Paper
Display Stands
Folding Chair (If not supplied)
Card Machine
Required Licenses
Protective Packaging
Drinking Water
Business Cards
Newsletter Sign-Up Sheet
Contact Details
Table (if not supplied)
Comfortable Shoes
Banner/Wall coverings
Hand wipes
Storage Boxes
Outerwear (for outdoor shows)
Money Box & Change
Product Inventory

Next, let's talk about using color and common items you might find at a garage sale or thrift shop that you can use as props for a eye catching display.  Complements of Pinterest
Craft Booth Inspirations love  the head done in newspaper!

I hope this has inspired you to take your product display to the next level.  From boring to outstanding!  We hope you will join us at out next events coming up in November.  See our Calendar of events page and follow us on Facebook.

 Upcoming Events

November 2 - Orange City, FL Marketplace Plaza 5-8 with Food Truck Bazaar
November 8 - Volusia Mall  10-5  with Home & Garden Show

                                                            Vendors Wanted
Swag Bag Vendors:  We are taking vendors for our swag bags to promote your business using free samples with your business information or an actual product you make.  Fees are listed on our Advertise With Us pageclick here.
Send an email to with your request to be in either of the above events.  Products must reach us no later than October 27, 2014.  An application will be emailed to you upon approval of your product and company.

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  1. We are still taking vendor applications for our November events. Send your request to to be considered.