Monday, October 6, 2014

October Happenings: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Free Cocoa Cola Life

October is a happening month around the nation.  First, it's breast cancer awareness month and I've joined Florida Hospital's Pink Army and hope to do some events with them and my vendors to support this great cause.  Next, Cocoa Cola is introducing a new flavor called Cocoa Cola Life.  It is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf.  Fresh Market is giving out free samples of Cocoa Cola Life on 9/13 in four states this month at select locations.  Click here to see the list of states and locations.  Florida is on the list!  

Our first Daily City Food Truck Bazaar event in Orange City last night was a huge success for all of us!  I had two vendors participate with my tent promoting Lyme Disease Awareness and giving out free samples of handmade products from Markets of Sunshine vendors.  
The Tower Garden was a huge success and many were excited to learn about the product and even bought one on the spot! Visit her on her website, click here.
One of the food truck vendors, The Swat Mobile Food Truck, came over and learned about our company and mission.  They are going to help promote us on their Facebook page.  Woot!  Thank you!  Please, like them on Facebook, click here.
                                                             Upcoming Events

November 2 - Orange City, FL Marketplace Plaza 5-8 with Food Truck Bazaar
November 8 - Volusia Mall  10-5  with Home & Garden Show

                                                            Vendors Wanted
Swag Bag Vendors:  We are taking vendors for our swag bags to promote your business using free samples with your business information or an actual product you make.  Fees are listed on our Advertise With Us page, click here.
Send an email to with your request to be in either of the above events.  Products must reach us no later than October 27, 2014.  An application will be emailed to you upon approval of your product and company.

Want to be in our goody bag?

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Markets of Sunshine has a simple mission to:

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While Supporting Women in Small Business

Locally & Across the USA!

Sending you Sunshine!



  1. Last night was fantastic. It was so much fun to be out with Markets of Sunshine showing our Tower Gardens. The food truck scene is buzzing! Thank you Marsha for inviting us out!!

  2. Congrats! Joanna on the new customer's you found at our event with the Food Truck Bazaar! Can't wait to see what happen's next month!