Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY: Cute and Creative Journal Cover

      One of my goals is to keep a gratitude journal.  I visited my local
     Michael's Craft Store and bought a hard cover journal that 
is bound, not a spiral journal for under $2.

Using Aleen's Tacky Glue, Fiscar scissors, Plaid chalkboard
paint and vintage book pages from Nancy Drew books is all I needed to
 turn a plain journal cover into my own cute and creative journal cover!

For the back of the journal I also covered it with torn pages
 from the Nancy Drew book.  I then put a coat of Plaid Mod Podge
to seal the paper and prevent any damage as I use the journal.

You can put the torn pieces on in rows as I did vertically
or horizontally.  Just use your imagination and have fun!

Start off by taping off the area for the chalkboard paint.
Next, apply according to directions and let dry 8 hours.

Now, the fun part begins.  Add your torn book pages
to form a border around the chalkboard paint.
Glue in place and let dry for 1 hour.  

Apply paper to the back cover and allow to dry another hour.
The last step is applying the mod podge.  This needs to dry
overnight before you begin using the journal.

Before, you can write a title on the chalkboard you need
to prime it by applying chalk in a vertical direction and 
then erase and then in a horizontal direction and erase.

My DIY Cute and Creative Journal Cover takes less than
30 minutes to make (for each step) and costs only pennies!  
Now, that is my kind of DIY project!

So, head to your local used book store or check out what
you have in your home library, gather up these few simple
supplies and make your own DIY journal cover!

Next, week I'll show you how to turn a book into an
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Speaking of DIY projects, I am taking donations for my foster 
families so the children can have fun craft projects for the
summer months.  If you would like to send me DIY kits
for children ages 13 and up, I'd be happy to accept.

The top of the list is jewelry making kits for the girls.  If you
can come up with some great DIY kits for boys, please share
your ideas with me in the comments section.

Sending You Sunshine,