Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reflections of Kayla Circus Party!

Snowflake: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up folks and enter our 'Big Top' where you'll see the most amazing artists from all over! You never know what will be around the next corner, but I know someone who does. Let's check in with our roaming reporter and see who is in the center ring this week.

Sunshine: I've had the most amazing visit with our featured artist, Kayla of Reflections of Kayla! While sitting in her studio she took me around the world as we toured her album of drawings.

Our first stop was the Serengeti - There stood the most majestic animal, a Black Rhino! you don't want to run into him face to face. She captured every detail of his wrinkled body to a tee.

As she turned the page we were leaving Africa and landed in Ireland. Those big black eyes just drew me in and I could imagine myself sitting in the audience at a music festival.....River Dance anyone. This female violinist will put you in the mood to turn on the tunes and dance around the room.

Want to learn more about Kayla?

Here is the interview I conducted with Kayla:

1. Are you planning on adding anything new to your shop? Yes, as a matter of fact I am learning to draw with pastels and hope to add custom announcements and invitations later this year.

2. Where can folks find you online? In the Sunshine Market Place and in my Etsy shop.

3. Do you have a special for our readers? Of course, I will include a free ATC (Artist trading card) with each order this week for your blog readers and those who favorite my shop. Be sure to mention this blog post in the comments section at check-out.4. Can you share a DIY Craft Project with our readers? I'd love to, have you heard of ATC (Artist trading cards)? They are fun and take less time to make than a full size card.


rubber stamps, ink pad, markers, brads, ruler, scissors, colored card stock paper cut to 3x4 inches, fabric labels

I've made two in a nature theme using fabric labels. On the back of each card print your name, date it was made, theme, shop address and number it like they do trading cards. Since this a series I am making, I'm waiting to finish them before I write the id number. 

Sunshine: There you have it folks. Another great story for you and a really fun and easy craft project. Plus, a special deal just for our blog readers who shop with Reflections of Kayla this week!

Snowflake: I hope you have enjoyed this weeks edition of our Sunshine Blog with our featured artist, Reflections of Kayla. Be sure to show Kayla some love by heading over to her shop and adding it to your favorites and picking up an item or two while you are there.

Tune in next week to see who our SFGCTEAM spotlight member will be.

Same co-op time! Same co-op blog!


  1. WaHOOO!!
    Thank you Kayla for sharing your DIY project!! I just love your work and will need to do some shopping with you again. . . I would LOVE one of your ATC cards!!

  2. I think I've found yet another fun craft project that I am getting addicted to. ATC!