Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Decadent Nature at Your Service!

Snowflake: Rise and shine and step out into the sunshine! Got a little dittie for you by that great oldies singer Mr. Burl Ives to get you in the mood for some shopping fun! The names were changed to protect the ...Hit it boys!
Once a lonely caterpillar sat and cried,
To a sympathetic beetle by his side.
"I've got nobody to hug,
I'm such an decadent bug."
Then a spider and a dragon fly replied,
"If you're serious and want to win a bride,
Come along with us,
To the glorious
Annual decadent bug ball."

Come on let's crawl
Gotta crawl, gotta crawl
To the decadent bug ball
To the ball, to the ball
And a happy time we'll have there
One and all
At the decadent bug ball

While the crickets clicked their tricky melodies
All the ants were fancy-dancing with the fleas
Then up from under the ground
The worms came squirming around
Oh they danced until there legs were nearly lame
Every little crawling creature you could name

They were so happy they came!
Come on let's crawl
Gotta crawl, gotta crawl
To the decadent bug ball
To the ball, to the ball
And a happy time we'll have there
One and all!
At the decadent bug ball.

Then our caterpillar saw a pretty queen
She was beautiful in yellow, black and green
He said, "Would you care to dance?"
Their dancing led to romance.
And she sat upon his caterpillar knees
And he gave his caterpillar queen a squeeze
Soon they'll honeymoon
Build a big cocoon
Thanks to the decadent bug ball

Come on let's crawl
Gotta crawl, gotta crawl,
To the decadent bug ball
To the ball, to the ball
And a happy time we'll have there
One and all!
At the decadent bug ball!

Sunshine: That is the cutest song, I am singing it already and dancing around with my apron cape on!!! Our featured shop this week is Jennifer from Decadent Nature! You'll find her shop in our Sunshine Market Place and can see her decadent natural products and learn a little bit about Jennifer.

You'll find lotions, and lip balms to sooth those delicate skin issues. Why not stop by for a visit today! You can make this a great week for Jennifer's spotlight feature by shopping in her store and helping get the word out about her great natural products.

Snowflake: I hear you have some special news to share with our readers.

Sunshine: I sure do Snowflake! I was a guest on Shabby Lane Shops blog talk radio show last week! Wahoo!! I shared some yummy gluten free recipes and am doing a give-a-way contest on my Jeanpatch blog. Why not check it out today!
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Snowflake: Thank you for all those great updates Sunshine! And thank you dear reader's for spending time with us today! Check out the Calender of Events for our craft show location.

Tune in next week to find out who is in the spotlight!

Same co-op time!!! Same co-op blog!!!

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  1. Check out the natural skin care products by Decadent Nature. The honey scrub is so good for your skin.

    That's not all we have so come see who else is featured!