Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Powerful By Faith - A Newsletter That's More Than Just Words On A Page

Who do you invite into your daily email inbox?

When you sign-up for a discount code it's usually because you really love the item and want to get it for an even better price than listed.
Am I right?

But, you probably don't want to be getting a daily email from that company asking you to buy again. Right?  Do they ever just send out something that is totally inspiring or instructional that might make your life easier?  Rarely!

Want a refreshing change?
Markets of Sunshine newsletter provides you with inspiration through instructional DIY videos on our YouTube channel (Here)
We host a giveaway when we reach the next milestone of subscriber's (every 100 increase).
And, we also send out occasional Sale event announcements on great new products or ones that will be discontinued. We have two Etsy shops. One for handmade gifts, Markets of Sunshine. The other is vintage gifts and craft supplies, Pioneer Fundraiser.
 You get the first opportunity to grab these deals a day before the public gets notified.  Last but not least, we give a generous 20% off coupon code as our Thank You for letting us into your world.

All of this goodness only comes to your email inbox a few times a month!  We don't believe in spamming our subscriber's. You're to important a person to us to do that to you.  Our valued customer!

So I hope you will put Faith in us and let us inspire you each month.  To find out more about what the meaning of our logo above, head on over to our Instagram site @marketsofsunshine_jw

Sending You Sunshine!


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