Tuesday, March 16, 2021

How To Make Your DIY Projects Look Consistent

 Do you struggle with the idea of starting a new craft or sewing project?  Have you thought about selling your handmade products online but don't know where to start?  You're not alone.  I used to think that it was so easy to make something and open up a shop online and that the sells would come flooding in.  But, guess what?  That doesn't happen unless you're a Celebrity with big bucks to pay a promoter and market your business and website to the masses.

So what do we little fish do to get the word out about our website and business?  Social media and word of mouth advertising.  Yes, and you have to ask people to check out your site.  Otherwise, how will they know that you even have a business online?

In this video I'll give you some pro tips on how to give your handmade products a signature look that will get you raving fans in no time.

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