Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Better You Challenge For The New Year - Group Support

Start off the new year with a little challenge called,

"A Better You"!  It will consist of two things.

First, organize your craft room and keep it tidy all year long.

I'll post pictures of my before craft room and the work in progress after pictures every month in a new blog post.  You can follow along and post your pictures in the Facebook group at the link below.
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Second, make healthier food choices like going organic by replacing one food a month from conventional grown to organic grown.  I promise you'll feel better than ever.

I'm on a rotation diet from my doctor.  I will be working with a health coach or dietician starting in January to help me add in the other pieces of the puzzle that I seem to be missing.  

I have eczema on and behind my ears supposedly from food allergies.  We'll see if this new program solves that issue.
I also am missing an important probiotic in my gut. So I'll be starting on a probiotic too.  

If you have any health issues you should find out if a functional medicine doctor or one that specializes in gut health can help resolve your issues.

You can follow along with me in the Facebook group as I share my experience with this new program.  It will be lots of fun!

 That's it!  Are you up for the challenge?  If so, just get started now with an action plan.

You can join my facebook group here >>>
 Natural Homemaker Backyard Habitat

See you in the new year.

Sending You Sunshine,


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