Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Handmade Paper Gift Bags and Gift Tags

Handmade paper gift bags using vintage map pages.

Want a quick and easy gift that has a vintage flair?  Use one of these handmade paper gift bags made of vintage map pages from old books.  It has a clear pocket on the front that is hand stitched and includes a butterfly gift tag.

There are pretty pink ribbon handles so it's easy to carry.
The roomy size measures 8.5 x 11 inch bag and will hold all the items you want to give for your special occasion.

Support a small business on Etsy and help keep the made in the U.S.A. movement alive and strong.  It seems like everything is made in China these days. Have you noticed that the quality is very cheap too.

An artisan takes pride in their work and puts hours of their heart and soul into every item they make.  It won't leave the studio unless it passes a critical eye of perfectionary scrutiny.

It's so hard to tell what an item will really be like until you have it in your own hands.  But, a video will help you see it in a 3D fashion.
Check out this video of my handmade work and see for yourself just how high the quality of our products really are before you buy.

  Now you can head over to our Etsy shop, Markets Of Sunshine and pick up one of these cute journals and greeting cards that is truly made with love.  We'd love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and help us grow and spread the word about our small business.

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