Saturday, August 17, 2019

How To Make Your Own Inspirational Cards and Envelopes For Gift Giving

Be creative and use up packs of card stock with inspirational quotes to make your own cards and envelopes for giving a gift on that special occasion.  You can sew the embellishment to the front of the card or envelope before you seal it on the sides. 

I like to sew my cards because it gives it a very neat effect and let's them know you spent time making this just for them.

You can cluster the embellishments together and then sew them in place.  Tuck it behind the inspirational quote and sew it together.  Finally, sew it to the front of the card or envelope.

Deciding what size card or envelope you want to make depends on the size of the embellishment and quote block.  For extra fun you can make the top of the quote block open so it can be an extra pocket for hiding little tucks inside.

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