Monday, September 17, 2018

Week 35: September 2018 How To Organize Your Craft and Sewing Room

Greetings! from still hot and steamy Florida.  

I don't know how people can live in the tropics and put up with the constant hot and humid climate year round.  I for one need the break that the seasons bring.  I want to feel the cool air on my face and be able to step outside and take a deep breath and feel refreshed instead of like I want to drop dead from the heat.  UGH!!!  Rant over...

This is week 35: I am going to share with you how I am organizing my craft and sewing room.  I started by sorting out all my supplies and projects. 

Step 1: Sort 

Give yourself a few hours or days depending on how much stuff you have.  Don't rush it.  Just go at your pace.  For me it took a few days to get things all sorted.  I took everything out of my closets, drawers and off tops of tables and sorted into piles according to the type of supply it was. i.e. trims, embellishment, adhesive, scissors, etc...

Step 2: Gather containers

I already have a ton of containers of all sorts.  i.e. plastic, canvas totes and bags of all sizes

Step 3: Decide Where Things Will Go

 For me I have a spare bedroom that was already my home studio.  It just needed a make-over in the closet.  We took out all the wire metal shelves and my dear husband made 3 wood shelves 16 inches by 7 feet to fit inside the closet.  We left one of the wire shelves at the very top for my light weight sewing supplies.

Step 4: Label Your Containers

Look at your piles of sorted supplies and you'll know what labels you need to make.  If you have a lot of tools then you'll want a container just for these.  If you have a small amount of tools and a small amount of something else like scissors then you can combine them into one container labeling it tools and scissors.  Continue this method until you have all the containers labled.

Step 5: Fill Up Your Containers 

This is another one that you don't need to rush.  If you have limited energy or time then just work at your pace and for the time you can until you have everything in a container again.

Step 6: Organize Your Space

Now that you have everything in a container you now need to decide where in your room/shelf they will go back to.  You can color coordinate the containers or just use what you have already and save yourself a ton of money.  I don't much mind what the final color combo turns out to be just as long as it is organized and I can find things easily when I need it.

I hope this has motivated you to take on the challenge and get your creative space organized.

Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha J.

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