Sunday, June 17, 2018

Week 18: How To Use The Cash Envelope System - Customer Review of Markets of Sunshine Products

Week 18: Customer Review of Markets of Sunshine Products

I received this wonderful hand written review from a local customer who uses my cash envelope wallets for her budgeting system.  I just had to share it with you.

Here is what she had to say in her own words.

"Cash envelopes system has worked for me.  Being organized for me is a no brainer.  However, keeping track of where the money goes on eating out and extras was a challenge.  Until my good friend introduced me to the C.E.S. (cash envelope system)
I love the portability and personalization it gives its user.  I have four wallets I use for these catagories:
car maintanance
savings (don't touch)
fun money

How it works for me is every paycheck I take out the alloted portion my husband and I decided to set aside. Then everything else goes in the bank to pay our rent and other automated bills...
Now in just two months we've saved money in the bank and our envelopes are adding up funds too.  It's amazing and I couldn't be happier to use this way of saving.
I ordered mine from Markets of Sunshine.  She offers a wide variety of patterns.  So it's extra cute and offers personalization.  Plus free shipping!  and she always throws in a free goodie" 💜💜💜 K.R. Florida

 How To Start Your Own Cash Envelope System Budget

1.  Start by writing down the categories you want to save money for as our reviewer did above.
2.  Use a budget app to tell your money where to go  (I use EveryDollar)  
3.   Now head over to Markets of Sunshine Etsy shop and purchase the set you love the most, (click here)
4.  Once your receive your wallets label them for the categories you made in step 1.
5.  Each paycheck you receive put the money in each wallet that you designated in step 2.
6. Stick to your budget and don't cheat.  This is the only way you will succeed and reach your goal of telling your money where to go. 

I have $400 saved in my emergency wallet that I keep on hand for hurricane season.  I have my $1200 in the bank for emergencies on things like a new appliance etc...  I have one wallet for fun money (going to garage sales and thrift stores and state parks)  One wallet I use for receipts of local purchases in case I need to return something and for my Ibotta cash back app that I redeem the day of the purchase. (click here to sign up with Ibotta)
  Later, I move them to a zip lock bag for tax time. We keep a savings account in another bank.  My husband is in charge of that account and I take care of the household budget bank account.  So, get started today with your own cash envelope system with one of our stylish wallets and envelope sets.

Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J.

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