Friday, March 30, 2018

Week 12: Tips For Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Week 12: Tips for Flu Season
Firstly, How are you doing with your snail mail challenge?  I hope you are on schedule with me.  Secondly, I hope you have been well and if not I hope you get well soon.  Sending you a big hug and well wishes to all who are not feeling well.
Our family had a visit from a dreaded flu bug a few weeks ago.  It was a fast and furious virus that started with my daughter and then my husband and lastly me.  My son-n-law somehow didn't get it.  He must be a carrier or has a very strong immune system that helps him stay healthy.

So, here are a few tips that we all need to remember during cold and flu season to keep the bugs at bay.
  1. Quarantine the victim
  2.  Wear gloves and a mask when around the ill person
  3. Wash hands frequently
  4. Bath daily
  5. Keep the ill person clean too
  6. Spray the room with a mixture of 50/50 vodka and purified water several times a day
  7. Use a disinfectant spray on all knobs and bathroom surfaces daily 
  8. Drink lots of extra fluids like water or herbal tea (not soda or juices or anything with caffeine)
  9.  Homemade chicken broth and soup with a little salt and organic vegetables during the illness
  10. Avoid sugar, dairy and alcohol 
  11. Get plenty of sleep and naps during the day
  12. Get in the sunshine for at least 30 minutes a day
  13.  Walk daily for at least 15 to 20 minutes
 If, you still get the flu or cold apply the above list and it will help you recover faster.  I also took natural anti-biotics and vitamin C.  I was over it in about 4 days.  By day 5 I was feeling more like myself again.  

I managed to still make cards for my #52weeksnailmailchallenge
I used my Stampin Up! Paper Pumpkin kit that comes in the mail each month to make the cards you see above.
The purple cards are from a card making kit in the product line (Medallion) found in the catalog and on my website, here
Now, I have to get my mailing list out and see where I left off sending cards to my friends.
I think I am only one week behind so that is not so bad considering being hit with the flu bug.

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I will reveal to you my newest product line: Organizer's Must Have Collection!
Here is a sneak peek...
Wishing you a healthy and happy Spring.  I'd love to hear what's going on in your life.  Talk to me in the comments box below.

Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J.

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