Saturday, September 23, 2017

20 Fun Facts About Me: Owner of Markets of Sunshine

1.  I currently live in Deltona, FL
2.  Deltona is the longest place I have lived in my life (26 years)
3.  I lived the first 12 years of my life in Orlando, FL
4.  From age 13 to 18 I lived in the country, a town called Oviedo, FL
5.  After graduating from high school I lived in Winter Park, FL for 1 year (After high school I studied criminal law at Valencia Community College in Orlando)
6.  My first job was as a receptionist at an insurance company in Longwood, FL, My second job was for Sears Credit department in Winter Park, FL, My third job was for AT&T in Orlando and Altamonte Springs, FL

7. I've visited many countries and states in the USA and Caribbean. They are: GA, SC, NC, VA, WVA, NJ, NY, RI, DE, IL, TN, KY, MI, LA, AL, PA; via cruise ship Mexico, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaca ( I hate to fly but have several times)
8. Theme parks used to be my favorite past time here in FL.  I've been to Walt Disney World theme parks over 100 times, Sea World at least 20 times, Busch Gardens 50 times (my GrandMother lived across the street) Silver Springs Glass Bottom Boat, Six Flags over GA, Opry Land Weiki Watchee, The beach was my 2nd favorite place to hang out.  Wading in the water and sitting under the umbrella getting burned to a crisp. I have fair skin and blue eyes which are known to be low tolerance for heat.
Our families 3rd favorite vacation place was fishing in Ocala National Forrest and camping while my Dad hunted. (somewhere in FL I can't remember) I grew up with horses, dogs, ducks, chickens, cat, bird, rabbit and fish
9.  My fifth place to live was Altamonte Spgs, FL for 1 year with 2 different roommates
10.  My sixth place to live was again in Altamonte Springs, FL with 2 nice fleshly sister's near the age of my Mother (1985-1988)
11.  In 1988 I married the kindest man I've ever met who is from Colombia, South America
12.  We moved to Deltona, FL in 1990 after the birth of our daughter and have lived here for 26 years
13. I love the outdoors, camping, hiking mainly in the mountains during the Fall and Winter
14.  I love to entertain and cook gourmet food, mostly at tea parties
15.  I'm a little OCD due to Lyme disease in 2004 (I am very close to God now than ever before)
16.  We've been down sizing since last year when our daughter got married and moved out. (a very slow process due to low energy)
17.  Using the cash envelope system to budget and pay off medical debt and saving to help more in our congregation with home bound and elderly friends who can't take care of their homes anymore.
18.  Selling our home and getting out from under a mortgage is on the top of our list.  Leaving things in God's hand to see if that is the path he wants us to take. (selling off stuff in our Etsy shop, PioneerFundraiser)
19.  I'm trying to grow my Etsy customer base so I can retire my husband and he can work with me and do more in the ministry and for those in need. ( I love to make things with my hands so I opened my Etsy shop, MarketsofSunshine to give me something to do now that I'm not able to get out of my house like I used to before Lyme; I sew, crochet, made polymer clay people and animals, hollow books, cash envelopes, organizers, quilt, card making, scrapbooking just to name a few)
20.  We hope to buy a new truck and travel trailer once we sell our house so we can share the hope of God's kingdom with those who are longing for peace on earth and live with no more sickness, old age or death.

Now that you got to know me a little better, what do we have in common?  Leave a comment below and let me know.  Share this post if you leave a comment so your friends can come read it too.

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