Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DIY Crafts: Hand Embroidery #Giftoflove2017 By Markets of Sunshine

This week I am going to take you on a tour of all the hand embroidery I have done in my life time.  I have gathered up all the cross stitch and embroidery projects I made over the last 30 years for your viewing pleasure.
I'd love to know your thoughts as to which one is your favorite.
Please, comment below and share this post with your sewing friends.  You'll be entered in my #Twitterparty giveaway too.

                                  Yardstick Holder 2010

                                Home Sweet Home 1989
                            Coffee Counted Cross-Stitch 1995
                               Pitcher and Flowers 1996
                            Welcome Sign 1991
                             Love tag heart yo-yo 2013

                            Sending You Love & Sunshine,


  1. I love your yard stick holder and your welcome sign!! You do beautiful work.
    Thank you for sharing these with us.

    1. Thank you Joanna for the compliment. I love knowing where my yardstick is when I need to use it. And, it is so pretty to display in my living room.