Monday, July 11, 2016

Back to School: 4 Weeks to Organize Your School Supplies

For most of the country it is back to school in just 4 weeks or less.  Yikes! Where did the Summer break go to?  This is week 3 of my 4 Weeks to a Clutter Free Room Challenge.  How are you doing so far?
For those of you with school age kid's you'll find these organizing tips just what the doctor Mom ordered to help you get those school supplies tidy.  Here is what you'll need:

  • clear freezer storage bags in several sizes (quart, gallon, sandwich)
  • 4x4 inch white labels
  • colorful non-toxic markers
 Get that school supply list ready. Lay out your freezer bags on the table.  One of each size to start will do.  Place a label on the front of each one.  Starting with the first item on your list write the name on the label i.e. pencils, crayons, box tops, permission slips etc...
Now, for the fun stuff that I thought of for you to stay connected with your child all year in a fun way.  Get a set of lunch box note cards, I just happen to have some available in my Markets of Sunshine Etsy shop starting the first week of August.
Each day of the first week put a special message on the note card to empower your child to make it through that first week with flying colors.  Then, the rest of the year do it the first week of every month and on very special occasions such as report card time get the picture.
You've now taken the stress out of shopping for back to school supplies.  You'll be organized in a flash using these tips.

For those of us with grown kid's who still need help organizing our junk drawers, office desk are some tips for you that will help keep the clutter under control.
Using the same method above using clear freezer bags.  
Empty the drawer contents on the table.  
Separate out the pens, pencils, rubber bands, paper clips etc... now place a label on the front of each size bag you want to hold these supplies and write the name on the front.  
Now, they have a home and you have an organized drawer.

I found a bookcase at a garage sale Saturday that is the perfect size I needed to go next to the big one I showed you in week 1.  If you remember there was a stack of boxes next to it filled with books. They will have a new home in this organizer's life.  I'm not ready to show you the final results yet, just the empty shelves.  You'll have to wait until next week for the finishing touches are completed and I show you the now tidy storage room.
But, the floor in my sewing room is now clear and clean.  See!
My daughter and son-n-law were so happy to see the progress we are making in these 2 rooms of the house.  I'm happy to say the rest of the house is clean and tidy.  
So, show me your photos and tell me your story on your progress in our 4 weeks to a clutter free room challenge.  I believe in you!  Keep going!  You can do it!!  See ya next week for the big reveal of my new product: Gifts in a box.

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha Jaramillo

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