Sunday, February 1, 2015

1st Annual Florida Farm Girl Meet-Up

Last year I planned a meet-up with the ladies I have been doing swaps with on MaryJane's Farm forum.  These swaps literally helped me heal through my ordeal with Lyme disease.  The farm girls showed me so much kindness and understanding which I really needed in a very dark time of my life. 
I joined the forum years ago after reading the MaryJane's Farm magazine.  It is about living your life around organic products and in a simple way like our Great Grandparents did. 
Today, we meet up at a lovely little B&B in Holly Hill, FL called River Lily Inn.  I highly recommend her tea to anyone that is planning a special day out with friends or family.
Winnie Red Tractor Girl was there and little did I know she is Farm Girl of the Year!  What a treat to spend some special time with this farm girl friend!  Congrats!  Winnie for receiving such an honor!
Farm Girl at heart fun facts!
Winnie drove over 2 hours for our 1st Annual Farm Girl Meet-Up.  She loves canning, embroidery and knitting.
Karla Hoosiercountry is one of my favorite farm girls to do swaps with.  We did our first swap together a few years back for the Tea Party swap.  She brought her lovely daughter, Lindsey and 2 neighbors.  Carol and Pamela with her sweet daughter Sofia. 
Farm Girl Fun Facts!
Karla lives on a farm and drove over 3 hours to come meet me, her first swap partner on Mary Jane's Farm forum.  She loves to garden and take care of her animals.
No farm girl would be fully dressed without her apron and Karla made sure that we all had our aprons on so we could Tie One On! 
Farm Girl Facts!
Lindsey is Karla's daughter so she also came the 3 plus hours to our little Farm Girl Meet-Up.  She also loves animals and using essential oils in her soap making.
Pamela and her daughter Sofia are the nicest two farm girls you could meet.  It was like talking with old friends.
Fun Farm Girl Facts!
Pamela and Sofia are another one of Karla's neighbors and Pamela was their driver.  She loves gardening and working with horses. 
Carol was so thoughtful and sweet and really made me feel right at home. She is a special farm girl friend now to me too!
Farm Girl Fun Facts!
Carol is one of Karla's neighbors who was along for the 3 hour ride to our Fun Farm Girl Meet-up.  She loves to cook, can and do yard work.
My husband Rafael had a nice time getting to know my farm girl friends.  He is looking forward to doing this again with me and our daughter next year.  Somehow, I did not get any pictures of my sweetie pie Kayla, Dumplin on Mary Jane's Farm.  I'm Marjean on the forum. 
Farm Girl Fun Facts!
My family and I drove a little under 1 hour to our 1st Annual Farm Girl Meet-up.  My favorite farm girl hobby's are gardening, making anything useful and beautiful with my hands, collecting anything to do with tea parties and butterfly's!
This lovely apron was made by another farm girl friend CeeJay.  It fit perfectly and was very well made!
                                         Some goodies that my farm girl friends brought me.
Kayla's basket of goodies!  She was delighted!  Now we have 2 new tea cups to add to our collection!
Fun Farm Girl Facts!
Kayla loves the outdoors.  She is a budding photographer and artist!  You'll find her lovely artwork note cards in my Etsy shop Markets of Sunshine FL.  Click here to see her work!
        This was the lovely table set and prepared with scrumptious food for all the farm girls!  They had chicken sandwich with hot soup.  Tea sandwiches and desserts along with a yummy hot tea!
See you all next year!  Love you all!  Hugs and Love from my family to yours!
Tune in next week for the continuation of my New Year New You series week four of seven.  If you missed the first three you can start by clicking here.

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  1. I'm a member of the sisterhood #308 What is your sisterhood number?

  2. Your happy faces are evidence of the bond of farmgirl sisterhood. So glad y'all had a nice time. Blessings! from 'cajungal' sister #76

  3. Cajungal it was like being with old friends the minute we met each other! You are so sweet for stopping by and sharing some love with us! Thanks!