Monday, August 25, 2014

Family Fun Day Women's Show: Orange City, FL

Have you been to the Southern Women's Show in your state?  It really is a great experience and you look forward to it year after year.  Well, Markets of Sunshine is taking the idea behind their event and reducing it down to a mini women's show of our own.
We'll be showering the community with DIY Crafts, Pampering Stations and Learning Centers.  We love to educate as well as pamper our guests.  You'll learn Lyme Awareness and ways you can prevent getting Lyme disease.
You'll also learn how you can support your local foster care group: Community Partnership for Children.  Plus, we'll teach you a fun craft that is eco-friendly and useful for the whole family!
                                                       Sneak Peak in our goodie bag!
                                           Lemongrass Spa goodies will be in the goody bags:

                             Tea Tree Face Soap (great for oil and acne), popular Healing Elements Balm

                                             (dozens of uses including ezcema and diaper rash),

                              Spearmint Eucalyptus or Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Hand and Body Bar Soap, 

                                          plus a coupon for $5 OFF every $25 spent ($10 off $50, etc

We would like to offer our 'Thanks' to all the companies that have helped us advertise our event.  
Dr. Munchies our gracious Sponsor
Volusia Parent Magazine
The Deland Beacon
Central Florida Top 5
The Pennysaver online
The Beacon online
Mary Jane's Farm forum
Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce
Etsy Events & Teams
How Does Your Garden Grow!
Now I have something really eco-friendly and awesome that I want to share with you this week!
Are you ready!
Introducing the one the only: Aqua Farm!

                                          In just one week this is how fast the wheat grass has                                                                                 grown!  The back row is basil and they too have just
                                          begun to sprout!
                                          Below is our newest member of the family: Beta!
                                          Cleo is soon to get his own elite hotel tank and farm.
                                          So, stay tuned for an upcoming sequiel to Aqua Farm!
                                          Pick up your Aqua Farm at a local pet shop near you!

                                                               Sending You Sunshine!


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