Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kallie's Cotton Two Handed Potholder Giveaway!

Hello Dear Reader's!
What's New!
 We have some really great things to share with you this week on our blog.  First, let me begin with the new changes we made on the website.  Head on over and take a peek and see all the new vendor's that we have in our Market Place for your shopping pleasure.

Next, is our new "Weekly Specials" page, click here!  Here is how it will work.  Each week I'll post the discounts in our newsletter for the shops found on our "Weekly Specials" page.  These will be exclusive offers for our newsletter subscribers only!  So, you'll want to be sure and open it to read all of the exciting offers available to you each week from our vendor's.

Finally, you'll notice there is a link to Angie's List.  This is a website based on customer reviews of businesses they have personally dealt with.  You'll find the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op is now on Angie's List and if you have bought from any of the vendors on our Market Place page then you qualify to leave us your review.  It is very important to us so that we get an "A" rating.  This allows other shoppers to find us based on your review. Contact Angie's List by phone to leave a review if you are not a member.  We Thank You in advance for your help. 

Have you ever given to a good cause?  Don't you just love that feeling you get knowing you are helping someone in need?  I know I do.  The Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op is expanding our mission to include gifting our "Gifts of Sunshine" to those that could use a helping hand.  We are "Paying It Forward" by donating some of our handmade gifts to families who have lost their homes, woman going through cancer treatment and many more!
You can help us raise the money to do our gifting by supporting our current fundraiser with Celebrating Home.  Please visit our, fundraiser website and give someone a helping hand today! 

Membership Options:
We now have two promotion club membership
Monthly fee $15

Blog & Newsletter Advertising:

Get your Etsy shop mini on our blog for just $5 a month!
For more information visit the "Join" page of our website and scroll to the bottom of the page to select your advertising options.  Want to advertise your business in our newsletter?  You can, for just $5 a month!

Coming Soon!
We brought you the Eco-Gift Sampler Bag, now we are bringing you more fun surprises! 
Select members of our market section will be offering a Gift-of-the-Month Club.
If you are a customer of our Sampler Bag program you will receive 10% off your first month's club price. Just our way of showing our appreciation for you our valued customers.
These clubs will consist of do-it-yourself kits for your fun crafting projects along with finished products that are useful in every home, things you just can't live without!
I'll announce here when we get our club pages are ready for your enrollment.
What's New!
We are sprucing up more than just the look of the website; we have also changed the name of our sampler bag.  Our Eco-Gift Sampler Bag is now called: "Gifts of Sunshine"!  
Starting in April, you will now receive a box of our handmade gifts in a bright and cheerfully wrapped gift basket and as usual filled to the brim with our full size products for your enjoyment!  Order your "Gifts of Sunshine" today!
Just in case you are new to us, here is a bit of news that most do not know about us.  We are the only company that provides you with so many "full size" products for one low price of just shipping and handling.  Sure select food and cosmetic companies give a sample of one item that they offer all the time for free, and even some handmade seller's offer a "sample size" for a small fee.  Don't take our word for it, do your research and you'll find it to be true.  Then we hope you'll come back here and order our exclusive "Gifts of Sunshine" basket for you or a friend. 
Want to get a 20% discount on your "Gifts of Sunshine" order?  Easy, sign up for the newsletter, send us an email saying you did and we'll give you the coupon code to use at check-out.
 Contest Rules are easy now with Rafflecopter! Enter Below!


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There you have it dear reader's! I hope you have enjoyed this week's episode from the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op roaming reporter and announcer!
"It's not easy being 'Green' but someone has to do it!"
Who better than the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op!

Tune in next week! Same Co-op Time! Same Co-op Place!



  1. I love the new look of the blog and the new way to enter the contest! Makes it very easy for us! Thanks!

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  4. Loving the new look of the blog and the team website!

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