Monday, December 31, 2012

Giveaway With Pages Of Ages


We have had a wonderful year.  Here is a list of what we have accomplished as a team:
1.  We made the list Celebrating Etsy Team Spirit
2.  We applied for and were approved for the Etsy fellowship grant
3.  We published our first book  
4.  We are the home of the Eco-Gift Sampler Bag.

We did all of this because of our team support for one another. We would love for you to become part of our great team. 

2013 is promising to be a great year to belong to the Sunshine Farm Girl Coop Team group.  
We have many new announcements and changes coming in the months ahead!!


Who's in the spotlight this week? Let's check in with our roaming reporter Sunshine to find out. 

Sunshine: Our featured member in the spotlight this week:

    Pages Of Ages
Here is the interview that I conducted with Mary:

1.  What made you want to open an Etsy shop? 

I started making Bible and book covers for family and friends in 2010.  At that time I had never heard of Etsy.  I was getting a lot of compliments and orders for the covers so my son introduced me to Etsy and I opened my first shop in Dec.2010.  It was very time consuming,  but very rewarding.  I closed that shop in March 2011 to do more important work for that month.  In April I wanted to re-open but I knew that it would take up too much of my time. So talking it over with my son (now business partner) we decided to open Pages Of Ages. It still takes time but I can work at it at times I couldn't with the covers. That way I am not taking away from the more important things.

2.  What do you look for when you are choosing pages to print on? 

The older the better! I love the aged look of old book pages. In the beginning when orders were quite slow. I would look at the word in the older dictionaries. Some words we use now that were used 80-100 years ago have a truly different meaning. Some funny, some shocking. I try my best to match the print with the page it is going on but that is not always possible as there is not always a match. 

3.  Do you use anything for inspiration? 

I am inspired by vintage art, some times I use it as-is and sometimes I will use it with other images. The combination makes them unique and more interesting. And sometimes I or my son will create something completely original. I am also inspired by poetry as you can see here in "She Walks In Beauty". Of course the poem itself was not my main inspiration. I researched the writer and the story behind the poem. In the case of this poem the writer was inspired watching a beautiful women walking in the garden while attending an evening party. 

She has a contest for us
Win this wonderful print

Contest Rules

3. Make a purchase from any shop other than PagesofAges and get 1 entry.

4. Make a purchase from PagesofAges and get 5 extra entries.

5. New blog followers get 5 extra entries.

6. Leave a comment on our blog saying which ones you did - 2 extra entries.

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    We brought you the Eco-Gift Sampler Bag, now we are bringing you more fun surprises! Select members of our market section will be offering a Gift-of-the-Month Club!

    If you are a customer of our Sampler Bag program you will receive 10% off your first month's club price. Just our way of showing our appreciation for you our valued customers.

    These clubs will consist of do-it-yourself kits for your fun crafting projects. And also finished products that are useful in every home, and things you just can't live without!

    I'll announce here when we get our clubs page ready for your enrollment.

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    Back to you Ladybug!!!

    Stop in this week and play our BNR game and don't forget to come back here when you are done to enter our contest to win that lovely print from PagesofAges.

    Our next class is going to be on Friday January 4,2013 at 4:00.

    There you have it dear reader's! I hope you have enjoyed this week's episode from the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op roaming reporter and narrator!

    "It's not easy being 'Green' but someone has to do it!"
    Who better than the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op!

    Tune in next week! Same Co-op Time! Same Co-op Place!


    1. This was a very quiet week from our readers! Since we only had one entry it is no surprise who the winner of our contest was, Wee Princess!

      Congrats Wee Princess!!!