Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping The Fun Going With Kallie's Cotton!

The fun continues with Kallie's Cotton Blog Hop & Shop Hop!

Snowflake: Hello Again Dear Friends! Are you ready for some more fun with the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op? Our featured member in the spotlight this week is 

Kallie's Cotton. She has a contest for you. . . here are the rules:

Kallie's Contest Rules:

1. Like her on Facebook (if you have an account)
2. Follower her blog (required)
3. Follow her on Twitter (if you have an account)
Prize will be a 4 piece set of hot pads. This is a brand new item.

Now, Let's check in with our roaming reporter for the latest news.

Sunshine: Thank you Snowflake! I have a great game for our friends this week. It's the Blog Hop and Shop Hop with the SFGCTEAM!

We are trying to get the word out about our great co-op and this is a fun way to reach out and get more followers. Help us by following along and share this post on your blog, Facebook and twitter pages. Just click the button at the bottom of this post to easily post it on all these locations.
We are also having a contest for you to show our appreciation for your help. We will be giving away one of our Eco-Gift Sampler Boxes in August! All entries from July and August will get in the drawing on August 31st.
Here is how to enter:


1. Follow our Blog
2. Favorite our Etsy Treasury 

3. Leave a comment saying you did so we can verify4. Bonus - Make a purchase from Kallies Cotton shop and get 5 extra entries!

Each of our Sampler boxes is filled with adorable and useful handmade gifts from our co-op shops. What are you waiting for? Follow along with us and have some fun!

Back to you Snowflake!

Snowflake: Woo Hoo! Blog hop here we go! Enjoy our weekly recipe and DIY project in this months newsletter. Click here to try these fun and money saving ideas.

There you have if friends. Tune in next week for some more great fun with us here at the Sunshine FarmGirl Co-op.

Same Co-op Time! Same Co-op Blog!


  1. Happy Monday!!! Be sure to leave a comment here on the blog saying that you did all the things on the list to be entered in our contest!

    I hope we get lots of new followers and posts!

  2. Hi I did everything, faved each shop, tweeted, fb. hearted each shop, bought 2 items
    1. vintage 50's
    2. jeanpatch by mk's shop
    follow the blog
    invited someone to the treasury
    I hope I did everything, if I missed something let me know thanks kallie

  3. Hi everyone I am excited about this afternoon's meeting.

  4. Following the blog and faved all the shops and treasury.

  5. Dear Sunshine Girls,
    Today I was blessed with a big box in my mailbox filled with all kinds of goodies from you Sunshine Farm Girls.
    I was excited to find out that my name was drawn for the July Eco-Gift Samplers.
    I got the cuties little door decoration pillow for my pantry with a carrot design and daisy hair clip for my three girls to fight me over~from CJW Design Village,Watkins Lemon suave for my tired summer hands from Marsha, a sample reusable make-up removal cloth (I need to introduce my daughters to this eco-friendly little guy)which was from Country Cents, and there is a piece of music "upcycled" from Pages of Ages ~ My daughter the violinist will like to hang that on her wall.
    There is a greeting card from Kayla-Greeting Card artwork, one of Kallie's Cotton-Coasters,a Printed Words of Wishdom ~ Mini Album with a Bee overlaid on a sheet of music (I see that one slipping back to daughter #2),it came with a bookmark of the Eiffel Tower that already found its way into on of my pastor's daughter's hand, the "Thank You" stamp from Creative Designs by Della is going to sneak into daughter #3s stamp collection for her albums and notes, but daughter #1 has her eye on the cute little "Family Favorite Recipes" book by Della.
    I hate to say it, but I used a homemade dishcloth to texture the paint in my bathroom walls while giving it a new look a couple of weeks ago. I had to throw away my old friend after it was done, because I couldn't get the paint out of the cotton yarn, but Marsha made me a new one, so all is well.
    I know I left out something, but the thing that I almost overlooked was the darling little button from Dolly Madison. It was sewn to a tiny little piece of gingham cloth. It is the sweetest little green button with a tiny sunflower. This is the most darling button I have ever seen.
    I showed the box to all my friend that were helping with our VBS at church tonight and I will show my Bible Study gals on Monday night before I start stashing these things away for special gifts and treats for my girls. I do have a 16 year old boy and there wasn't exactly anything for him in the box,but he loves to see his mother happy.
    I am currently a tired mom with girls that are 17,19 and 21 along with my almost 6 foot son.
    The summer days seem to be so full and I have to say I look forward to getting back into the School Schedule, but meanwhile I am going to enjoy my "Treasure Box" from the Sunshine Farm Girl's Co-op.
    Thank you so much for brightening a day that I kinda had felt like I was drug through a rat whole backward in. I will remember the box and not the rat whole as time passes by. I hope other gals will think of your gifts as a way to bring Sunshine to someones life.
    Sincerely, Deena

  6. Love all that is in this treasury!! I have fav'd the treasury, already follow the blog!! Now, need to invite a few folks to stop by for a visit!!
    Country Cents

  7. What a great story that Deena took the time to write. I not only makes her fell good but us also.
    I faved treasury, and all the shops. And make a purchase.


  8. I love your account of the box Deena!

    I fav'd the new treasury for this week.

    Here's the link to my blog

    I love being part of this community!

  9. Faved the beautiful treasury and each shop. And inviting friend.

    See ya at the meeting tonight.

  10. Marsha is received the email with a list of ways we can help. I have it narrowed down to #5 or #8. Others better hurry before they are all taken.

  11. Thanks Cynthia for stepping up and picking one of my things to do off the list!

    Great class last night! If you missed it and want the info, just email me. Use the contact button on the website.

  12. Wow! Look at the right side bar, we now can go directly to the Etsy weekly treasury!!! Wahoo!!! Thanks Joanna!!!

  13. Wow! Thanks Joanna I have to say our team is getting more streamlined and effect. Thanks to all

  14. The prize I won is great. A cloth pin from Vintage50sTreasures. I am giving it to my 97 year old great grandmother. She will love to wear it to church.
    I wish I could see her open the package.

  15. We are having server issues and will post the new featured shop and contest tomorrow. Etsy is down as well.
    Thank you for your patience!

  16. Thanks for letting us know Marsha!
    Have a great day,

  17. Blog post is being updated! New contest coming from Kallie's Cotton!

  18. I am now following Kallie's FB, and blog and twitter. Look for the links in the update.

  19. I'm following Kallie on FB, blog, and twitter...

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I am following Kallie on FB and twitter and her blog.
    Thank you

  22. I did everything listed above. Thanks for hosting this fun shop hop!

  23. Welcome Colleen!

    Everyone check out the new look of our website!!! Lots of new stuff going on and upgrades to the join section.

    More to come in the next few weeks!!!

    Sign-up for our Facebook group to keep updated on all team happenings! That is where I will announce things of big importance for our team!!!

  24. And the winner of Kallie's Cotton contest is......

    Drum Roll........Colleen Cornelius!!! Congrats!!!!

  25. Here are the ones entered in the contest for the Eco-Gift Sampler Bag thus far:

    Kallie, Cynthia, Joanna, Nicole and Colleen