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SNOWFLAKE: Good day to you one and all. We are so glad you are here with us this fine day in April. I hope you are ready to check in with me and find out who our roaming reporter Sunshine has in the spotlight this week. Hello.....Sunshine!!!!

SUNSHINE: A big howdy to you too Snowflake!!! I have a fun guest for us this week appearing in our online craft show on Etsy. Let's all give a big farmgirl welcome to Sherrie of Fiddle Belle!!!! Woot!!!!

If you or someone you know loves to play a musical stringed instrument then you'll fall in love with Sherrie's shop. She has fun accessories for all of your musical needs. Check our Calender of Events section at the top of this page for the location. 

1. Why did you start your business?  I always wanted my own business ever since I was in high school,and as an adult,I realised that since most regular folks don't get paid a "living wage" I could do far better by striking out on my own.  In this recession,I've tried to encourage several people into making their own business instead on relying on "jobs".
2. How long have you been in business? While I've tried different things over the past several years,I started Mandolin Babe's Pickin' Parlour in '09 and FiddleBelle I believe in '10-'11. I also just opened a BanjoBelle shop a month or so ago for banjo accessories. 
3. Where can folks find you online?

Here is a fun Do-It-Yourself project that Sherrie is sharing with us too. Let us know if you make one,  just come back here and leave us a comment.

Yo-Yo Barret

You will need:

Small glue gun or fabric glue
Vintage buttons
3 or 4 fabric yo-yo's, one larger, 2 smaller of the same size
4 1/2” clip barrette blank (can be shorter but will need smaller yo-yo's)

With the warmer weather upon us, you will want to wear your hair up. This easy to make barrette is a cinch, especially if you made fabric yo-yo's ahead of time. It will take under an hour to do with a glue gun. Fabric glue will take longer since the glue has to dry.

First, with needle and thread, sew buttons to the center front of the 2 yo-yo’s that will go on either end of the barrette. Leave approximately a 1/4” of the edge of these yo-yo's overhanging the outer edge of the barrette and glue them into place like this:

Next glue the center yo-yo in place, making sure it’s centered on the barrette and in relation to the yo-yo's on either end like so:

Now, glue the top center yo-yo (it can be round or a particular shape as shown in the photo at the beginning) into the center of the bigger yo-yo you just glued into the center.

This second example shows the same using all round yo-yo's. You’re done!
A 2nd yo yo in the center isn’t required and if you go with using three yo-yo's, be sure to sew a button or charm to the center of the third one before gluing it to the center.  I’ve found this to be a great way to use vintage buttons and fabric pieces that are too small for sewing projects; you can make them for holidays using seasonal colors, or in certain genres like music or gardening, the possibilities are endless. They make great quick gifts for all ages from girls to women. FYI: when using a shorter hair clip, use smaller yo-yo's. You can also make pins by purchasing pin-back blanks.  Have fun! 
(insert project)

SNOWFLAKE: I love the sound of music don't you? What else do you have for us Sunshine?
SUNSHINE: Glad you asked Snowflake.....the newsletter for April is now on our website under Sunshine News  be sure to read the latest news!!!!

We also have a limited supply of Sampler Bags available so feel free to order one today before they are gone. And, that is a wrap!!

SNOWFLAKE: Thank you Sunshine for sharing another great member's shop with us here on our Sunshine Blog. Remember, you will find great deals each week from all the shops in our online craft show event with our Etsy team. Who will be in the spotlight next week???

Stay tuned to find out! Same co-op time! Same co-op blog!  


  1. Sherrie, Thank you for sharing a super fun DIY project!! Now I know what to do with all those vintage buttons and fabric scraps I have been saving. :-D Love your shops too!!

  2. such a pretty barret! and a great use of fabric!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. New follower from MBC :) Very cute and creative barret. I love anything homemade.

  4. Those are too cute, I love the barrets! New follower from MBC, I look forward to your future posts!

  5. Two days left to buy from our online craft show! Visit the Calender of Events tab at the top of this page for location.

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