Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunshine and Snowflake talk about Co-op News!

Sunshine roaming reporter from the farm girl co-op with news just in from sunny Deltona, FL.....high today 76 low tonight 52!
Snowflake: What do you have for us today Sunshine?
Sunshine: I'm so glad you asked Snowflake!
 Let's get started with the blog news bulletin:
 Roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some team promoting for our featured member of the week.   Let's give a big welcome to Kayla, from Reflections of Kayla!  Hip, hip horray!  Congrats!  www.reflectionsofkayla.etsy.com
 Let's promote her shop all over the web, via your blogs, twitter, facebook and forums you belong to.  Include a picture of one of her items in her shop that you like when you feature her on your site.
 This will be a regular feature each week and you will get to "share the love" by getting the word out about our great team members! 
Snowflake: Who will be next?
Sunshine: Check in next week and find out! Same co-op time!  Same co-op blog!
Snowflake: What other news to you have for us?
Sunshine: Our scripture of the week section found on our website!
Snowflake:  Well tune in next week to find out more exciting news from our roaming reporter "Sunshine"!

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