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Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 7: Getting Back To Being "You"

Week 7: Getting Back To Being "You"!
That topic can mean a variety of things depending on your age and your situation.  If you are a young person you are still trying to figure out just who "you" are and what you want to do with you life.

This post is for the women who have already figured out who they are but then got married, had kids and now the kids are grown and moved out of the house.  
Yes, I know you're saying; you mean empty Nester's.
But, here's the thing.  Just because your kids no longer live at home does not mean your parenting skills are put away or canceled and you stop being a Mom.
Yes, we want our children to grow up and stand on their own 2 feet and make good decisions based on how we raised them.
But, I don't know if you know it or not but life is Hard!
Learning to deal with day to day life is hard enough but throw in the car breaking down and you don't know which mechanic to trust to take it to get it fixed.
Or, you loose your job and you have a little savings but that's about to run out and no companies are calling you for an interview yet.

Does any of this sound familiar in your family?
I grew up with parents that didn't hang me out to dry or to sink or swim in this dog eat dog world.  They were always there for me to help me get through the really hard parts.
I was able to get work young for major companies and learned a lot about the corporate world of politics at a young age.
I didn't like what I saw so I jumped ship and swam to safer waters, aka working for myself.
I've taken the good that I learned from my upbringing and applied it to raising my daughter.  The results are positive.

Recently, our daughter and son-n-law went through some very hard and stressful times.  When the phone rang and we were asked for help, we gladly offered.
We held a family meeting and set out a plan of attack.  
The job loss was resolved in a few short weeks after many phone calls and prayers.
The major car repair was fixed and they are back rolling down the road with a smile on their faces. 
This brings me to my point of the journey I decided to start in 2018.  #52weeksnailmailchallenge
It's all a part of who I am and getting back to being "me" despite my chronic illness.
I'm back to having good days and when I do I am making the most of them by getting out of the house and taking short day trips out in nature.
As I continue on my journey of writing 52 cards and letters it is giving me back a sense of who I am.
 It doesn't matter that my friends don't call me for weeks on end.  Or, that they don't write to me ever or maybe once in a blue moon.
What matters is that I stay in touch with them.  Why?
Because, life is Hard! and we all need encouragement.  Most of all it's because Jesus told us there is more happiness in giving love than in receiving love.  I want to follow his advise so I can be truly "happy".
I do have one friend that prefers text messages over a phone call.  And, that's okay!
I love her dearly and she loves me.  I sent her the pocket card above and she was in tears.  She had just gotten over an 8 day virus and was down in the dumps.  This was just the thing to cheer her up. It's in my "Just add stamps and mail post."
By the way she is having a relapse so I am making her another smaller card and will include her favorite candy, dark chocolate.
I have another friend that hates the phone so she rarely calls me. But, she will drive over an hour on her days off several times a year despite her 3rd round of cancer to come and visit with me.  That means the world to me.  I love her dearly too.
Then, I have a long distance friend that I have never met in person but we have forged a bond over the last 8 years through email and phone calls and google video hangouts.
She calls me almost every week and I call her just as often.
I have another long distance friend and we keep in touch over the phone as often as we can.  She is a loyal reader of this blog and does her best to let me know how much my posts mean to her.  They are all on my list of 52 to send to along with my other wonderful friends near and far.

 Want to keep in touch with your friends and send cards.
Sign-up for StampinUP! paper pumpkin card making kit.
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Or, pick up a set of these pretty and fun envelopes and wallet gifts at MarketsofSunshine <<<<<Click the name to shop.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

20 Fun Facts About Me: Owner of Markets of Sunshine

1.  I currently live in Deltona, FL
2.  Deltona is the longest place I have lived in my life (26 years)
3.  I lived the first 12 years of my life in Orlando, FL
4.  From age 13 to 18 I lived in the country, a town called Oviedo, FL
5.  After graduating from high school I lived in Winter Park, FL for 1 year (After high school I studied criminal law at Valencia Community College in Orlando)
6.  My first job was as a receptionist at an insurance company in Longwood, FL, My second job was for Sears Credit department in Winter Park, FL, My third job was for AT&T in Orlando and Altamonte Springs, FL

7. I've visited many countries and states in the USA and Caribbean. They are: GA, SC, NC, VA, WVA, NJ, NY, RI, DE, IL, TN, KY, MI, LA, AL, PA; via cruise ship Mexico, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaca ( I hate to fly but have several times)
8. Theme parks used to be my favorite past time here in FL.  I've been to Walt Disney World theme parks over 100 times, Sea World at least 20 times, Busch Gardens 50 times (my GrandMother lived across the street) Silver Springs Glass Bottom Boat, Six Flags over GA, Opry Land Weiki Watchee, The beach was my 2nd favorite place to hang out.  Wading in the water and sitting under the umbrella getting burned to a crisp. I have fair skin and blue eyes which are known to be low tolerance for heat.
Our families 3rd favorite vacation place was fishing in Ocala National Forrest and camping while my Dad hunted. (somewhere in FL I can't remember) I grew up with horses, dogs, ducks, chickens, cat, bird, rabbit and fish
9.  My fifth place to live was Altamonte Spgs, FL for 1 year with 2 different roommates
10.  My sixth place to live was again in Altamonte Springs, FL with 2 nice fleshly sister's near the age of my Mother (1985-1988)
11.  In 1988 I married the kindest man I've ever met who is from Colombia, South America
12.  We moved to Deltona, FL in 1990 after the birth of our daughter and have lived here for 26 years
13. I love the outdoors, camping, hiking mainly in the mountains during the Fall and Winter
14.  I love to entertain and cook gourmet food, mostly at tea parties
15.  I'm a little OCD due to Lyme disease in 2004 (I am very close to God now than ever before)
16.  We've been down sizing since last year when our daughter got married and moved out. (a very slow process due to low energy)
17.  Using the cash envelope system to budget and pay off medical debt and saving to help more in our congregation with home bound and elderly friends who can't take care of their homes anymore.
18.  Selling our home and getting out from under a mortgage is on the top of our list.  Leaving things in God's hand to see if that is the path he wants us to take. (selling off stuff in our Etsy shop, PioneerFundraiser)
19.  I'm trying to grow my Etsy customer base so I can retire my husband and he can work with me and do more in the ministry and for those in need. ( I love to make things with my hands so I opened my Etsy shop, MarketsofSunshine to give me something to do now that I'm not able to get out of my house like I used to before Lyme; I sew, crochet, made polymer clay people and animals, hollow books, cash envelopes, organizers, quilt, card making, scrapbooking just to name a few)
20.  We hope to buy a new truck and travel trailer once we sell our house so we can share the hope of God's kingdom with those who are longing for peace on earth and live with no more sickness, old age or death.

Now that you got to know me a little better, what do we have in common?  Leave a comment below and let me know.  Share this post if you leave a comment so your friends can come read it too.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekend Survival For Couples

What do you like best about your days off? 

For my husband and I it is filled with so many things that need to be done together.  You see I have a debilitating chronic illness which limits how much I can get done in a day.

As an artisan it is hard to stop designing and making things even on your days off.  That is because you love what you do.
But, we all need time off to let our brains do something different.

It's called R&R!

So, for us our weekends or any 2 days in a row with no secular work is like a mini vacation.  We use this time wisely.  We don't have a written schedule, but I am working on one.  That is a whole post in itself.

Instead of just sleeping the 48 hours away or being a couch potato here are some fun and productive tips that are easy to do based on your limitations.  If, I can do it, you can do it!

#1 Do Your Chores First

Put on your cutest handmade apron and get busy.

Let's be honest.  We all dread doing our chores before fun.  Am I right?!  No matter how young or old we are our mind wants to do all the fun stuff first.  Like eat our dessert first etc..

But, doing the chores first like cleaning your craft room, organize the garage or shed gives you a sense of accomplishment and takes all the pressure out of your mind.

#2 Meal Planning

Sit down together and plan out a month or week's worth of meals.  If, you are tired of the same old thing try one of the new home food delivery services like Hello Fresh.

 #3 Make Personalized Note Cards

You know all those photos you keep taking with your phone or digital camera?  Turn them into personalized note cards of your adventures and use them instead of store bought cards.

                               #4 Visit Your State Parks
Now that you've gotten all your chores done.  It's time for some fun outdoors that won't cost a fortune.  Make it a goal to visit as many state parks as you can in one year.

This topic is near and dear to my heart.  I feel like a kid again.  I don't like traveling out of the USA.  I've done it and I like keeping my feet on the ground and I like to be able to speak to the people at the businesses I frequent. 

We used to have annual passes to all the theme parks in Florida within 50 miles of us.  I know Walt Disney World parks like the back of my hand.  I am all moused out. lol

Busch Gardens, Tampa is also a very familiar stomping grounds.  My Grandmother lived right across the street.  We would walk to the corner and look both ways and then run across and use our cousins pass to get in.  Back then you could get one person in for free.  Cool right!

Personally, I just don't have a desire for them anymore.  But, I never get tired of being in nature and taking in all of God's beautiful creation.  It not only relaxes me but it reminds me of his power and love for humans.

To make it really fun we purchased the state park passport book for Florida State Parks.  Check in your state to see what they have available to make your visits more enjoyable.

Most state parks also have cabin rentals and camping sites.  So, far this year my husband and I have visited Silver Springs state park and the glass bottom boat tours.  And, Blue Springs State park where the manatee's visit in the winter months.

So, I have 2 park stamps in my passport book.  Giggle!  I am a homeland traveler of state parks. 

                                     #5 Pay It Forward

This pay-it-forward idea has been around for a very long time.  It can be any act of kindness that you choose to do for someone else.  It can be for someone you know or for someone you barely know. 

Think of a neighbor who is ill or a friend of a friend that lost their job etc...put together a little care package like the one I did with my handmade products in the photo above and gift it to them.

What makes it so cool is the fact that there is more happiness in giving love than in receiving love.  Do you know why?  Read more about it here.

Let me know if you have done any of the tips that I shared on your weekend or 2 days off from work in the comments box below.

Weekend survival for couples made easy.  Life doesn't have to be hard it just has to be productive to be enjoyed.