Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Featured Items of the Week: Markets Of Sunshine Etsy Shop

Week of July 24, 2017

Featured Items From Markets of Sunshine
Etsy Shop!

Top left corner is our Nancy Drew keepsake box featuring our signature felt and wood box design.

Bottom left is our vintage Japanese jewelry box chest with beautiful mother of pearl inlaid design.

Top right is our bluebird gift envelope that can be monogrammed for your special occasion.

Bottom right is our elegant pride and prejudice keepsake box featuring our signature wood box and fiber art felt lining.

Just click on the item name and you'll be taken to our Etsy shop to read the details and see more pictures.

Favorite our shop and your favorite items while you are there.

If you are a VIP Gifting Lounge member you will get an instant 25% discount coupon code off your purchase. Check your email inbox for the latest code.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Best Deal All Summer For My VIP Gifting Lounge Member's

Weekly Deal!  60% off in my Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine.
Plus, get FREE SHIPPINGIf you are a VIP member you get to double-dip and use your 25% off coupon too.  Not a member. Then you are missing out on these great deals.  

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I want to save big too!  VIP Gifting Lounge

There are only 7 deals this week.  Don't wait.  Get over to my shop, MarketsofSunshine today! 

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tea Party Theme Ideas

Okay, I have to share one of my biggest passions in life with you.
I absolutely am crazy about tea parties!  I have a china cabinet full of tea cups, saucers, plates, bowls, teapots, spoons, platters and tiered serving pieces. 

There are so many great tea party theme ideas out there and I'm sure you've been come up with a few yourself.  There is the garden party theme.  The victorian theme.  The mad hatter theme.  The alice in wonderland theme and the list goes on and on.

I'm planning my next tea party in the Fall and would like to do something fun and unique.  I'd love to get your ideas.  Leave me a comment below with a fun and unique theme that you think would make a great way to celebrate a tea party with the girls.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Florida Garden: Plant Cutting & Seed Saver Program With Friend's & Neighbor's

Would you like to learn how to share plant cuttings with your friends and neighbors?  
Here are a few supplies you'll need to get started.
  • root starter (local hardware of building supply store)
  • ziplock bags
  • paper towels
Here is how I do my cuttings.  Take a piece of the plant stem and wet the end and apply a little bit of the root starter to the cut end.  Wrap it in a wet paper towel and place in ziplock bag and give to your friend to place in soil.  Once, they get it home they can put it in potting soil and water as usual.

I would love to know how you share cuttings and how you get them to grow.  Leave a comment below and share your tip with other gardening friends.

What's in my Florida garden?  Take a tour with me through my Florida garden and take part in a plant cutting exchange program with your neighbor's and friends. 
Or, start a seed saver sharing group with your gardening friends.  Do you have pretty seed saver packets?  I do in my Etsy shop just for you.

This is a sneak peek at what is coming to my Etsy shop in a few weeks.  Stay tuned to this blog for future updates and a glimpse at the new product line.
Thank you for being a part of my Markets of Sunshine community.
Sending You Sunshine,

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Florida State Parks Review: Silver Springs Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Florida State Parks Review: Silver Springs Glass Bottom Boat

As a native Floridian, I grew up in rural Orlando back in the early 60's.  My family then moved to rural Seminole county to a little city called Oviedo.  As a child our play time was outdoors climbing trees and playing cowboys and Indian's.  Every summer for 2 weeks we went to the Ocala National Forrest state park where my Mother and Father would fish with friends who owned the cabins on 2 lots.  We kid's usually about 5 or 6 of us, would explore the trails and wait on them to get back around lunch-time.  I would get up around 7 a.m. and eat breakfast and sneak any left over coffee.  
It was black and the most awful tasting stuff I had ever drank.  I thought "how on earth can my Dad like this stuff".  Giggle!

My first trip to Silver Springs State Park was when I was about 10 years old.  It was like a fun place to visit.  That was in the 1970's.  They had a complete Zoo and the glass bottom boat tour.  It was like a little paradise to me.

My second trip back to the park was somewhat of a disappointment.  Why?  Because, the Zoo was no more.  The water park was broken down eye sore and the once beautiful drive in was a sign of a big change.  The only thing that was still there was the glass bottom boat tour.  I can't remember how long the tour was since I was only 10 when I was last there.

But, this tour was 30 minutes or 1 hour 1/2.  We picked the 30 minute tour and we got our monies worth.  The tour guide was very nice and informed on the park history.  He was not a native Floridian but that did not matter.  He knew the history and that was good enough for me.  

The water was crystal clear and clean.  A lot of work goes in to keep it that way.  The boats are battery operated so no gas or oil gets in the spring feed water.  There is a nice group of shops and the restrooms are kept clean and tidy.  The cost to get in is only $3 for parking.  The boat tours range in price from $11 per person and up depending on your age and which tour you choose.

If you canoe or paddle board you can have a fun self guided tour down the river for a low fee.  Walk the trails around the park and bring your picnic lunch to enjoy in one of the pavilions. 

Overall, you'll love this park.  It is a fun day trip for couples or the family anytime of year.

Review Rating:  5 Stars

 Sending You Sunshine - Marsha

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy Camper Travel Set Giveaway

Where in the world is your favorite travel destination?

Mine is anywhere there are mountains, rivers, waterfalls and antique shops.
Start your Summer vacation off with this original artwork travel set from Etsy seller's RoundtreeInkdesigns and 
All you have to do to is enter for a chance to win. Use the entry form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Etsy Products: DIY Supplies Sneak Peek

Sneak peek coming in our Markets of Sunshine Etsy shop June 12, 2017.   All I can tell you is that DIY crafter's will love the new products line.

To make room for the new products we are having a huge clearance sale for Spring.  Every Wednesday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST you will be able to save big on these flash sale items in all 4 of our Etsy shops.  Pioneer Fundraiser, My Secret Compartments and Markets of Sunshine have something for everyone.  

We have teamed up with another handmade Etsy seller, Icky Chic Designs.  
There are more great handmade products made in the USA in both our shops.  Be sure to browse around and favorite our shops so you can find us again on your next visit to Etsy.

Find me fast on Etsy by typing MSBlink in the search bar to see all the flash sale products each week. 

Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How To Plan A Tea Party On A Budget and Flash Sale

Summer fun flash sale event with our 2 Etsy shop seller's, MarketsofSunshine and Icky Chic Designs this Wednesday, May 31, 2017 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Be sure to mark your calendar.  Click the shop section marked: Flash Sale

School is finally out for the Summer in most cities around the USA.  What will you do to celebrate your child's achievements?  Why not plan a fun tea party. Even if you are on a tight budget you can pull if off with these easy tips.

  1. Buy handmade invitations so that you can concentrate on the more important part of the event, your guests and the food you'll serve.
  2. Shop the kid's section of the stores for sale days
  3. Pick a theme that you can do with things around your house or from the dollar store
  4. Make your own food.  Don't have it catered. Ask friends to bring a dish. Check out these vegan recipes, bread recipe, potato soup
  5. DIY party favors like these sticky note pouches and mini tip envelopes kit.  This will save you tons of money.  Pick up supplies from the dollar store or sales section of the stores.  

Leave a comment below letting me know what is your favorite item in our Etsy shop in the Flash Sale section.

Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Etsy Flash Sale: Blink And You Lose 6th Shopping Event

Etsy flash sale: Blink and You Lose 6th Shopping Event.  It doesn't get any better than this.

Imagine becoming the greatest Mom in the world, and your child becomes the happiest, most helpful kid who ever existed....Introducing the Child Reward System Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie has been transformed into a hollow book safe with a hidden compartment in the middle of the book where the pages have been cut out. The first few pages have been left for added surprise and fun when they open their gift.
Now you can reward your child with a gift card to their favorite store or theme park inside the secret compartment and only give it to them as a reward for a job well done so that you can save your sanity and teach your child that doing their best is rewarded.
Plus, you'll get a free character tote bag kit with any $30 purchase from our shop with easy 'how to' instructions. Takes only 10 minutes to make.

Starting on May 31st (Our 7th Event)- We will have 
two All Day events each week 
on Wednesdays and Sundays
OUR 6th EVENT IS - Sunday, May 28th
Join Us On Sunday for Some Shopping Fun!

Every Wednesday and Sunday 
Until - 7 PM Central Standard Time
WEDNESDAY'S Event will be at Markets of Sunshine
 (Starting 5/31)
SUNDAY'S Event will be at Icky Chic Design

(Featured Items Are Different For Each Day's Event)
All featured item's listed for Wednesday and Sunday's Shopping Event will be ridiculously lowered in price until 7 PM CST. You only have one day to secure these awesome deals! So you see...if you BLINK, YOU REALLY WILL LOSE...  
NOTICE: Items are listed on Etsy. You can use the Etsy Guest feature to purchase items on Etsy without an account.

THIS WEEK'S EVENT ITEMS: (Sunday, May 28th)
*Featured items are subject to change in the case that they should sell before the scheduled shopping event.
 (Markets of Sunshine
Hollow Book Safe
Original Price: $22  
Event Price: $15
Buy Here: More Details and photos

     (Markets of Sunshine)   
Book Lover Gift for Girls, Hollow Book Box
Original Price: $20
Event Price: $15
Buy Here: More Details and photos
 (Icky Chic Designs)   
Small Clutch or Phone Case
Original Price$27.00 
Event Price: $7.95
Buy Here: More Details and photos
  (Icky Chic Designs) 
5 Yards Glamorous Apparel Fabric
Original Price: $18.00
Event Price: $7.20
Buy Here: More Details and photos
  • All transactions will take place through the Etsy shop featuring the item you choose to buy. 
  • Items are subject to change should they sell before the event starts.
WHO will walk away with these fantastic deals? It could be YOU!
Let us know if there is an item in our shops that you would like us to include in a future flash sale event by leaving us a comment below.
Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Join a Gift Sampler Club

Do you miss getting gifts in the mail?  When was the last time you sent a gift in the mail?  Here are some good reasons why you should think of joining a gift sampler club.

1.  You'll save time and money running all over town searching for that last minute gift you need because you forgot to check your calendar. 
Keep gifts on hand and your gift closet full of luxury handmade gifts from Markets of Sunshine "gift sampler club"

2.  Start a gift closet by supporting small business handmade and vintage seller's on Etsy.
Personalized gifts are the #1 favorite to receive because it says:
I think you're special!  You'll find a wide variety of gifts that you can have personalized or monogrammed at:
My Secret Compartments hollow book shop. 

3.  Vintage is the new way to decorate because you are reducing your carbon footprint.
 Think of afternoon tea with family and friends using vintage tea cups and saucers, china and pitchers.  Check out this lovely Etsy shop filled with treasures from around the world.

One thing is for sure you'll find all kinds of companies offering gifts by mail.  But, they are mostly big box companies who have everything made in China.  Why not support made in the USA shops instead.

What types of gifts do you need right now?  What types of gifts do you like to receive?


Thursday, May 18, 2017

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

It doesn't get any better than this.  2 fun shopping events happening on Etsy every day in May.  First, up this Sunday, May 21st marks the 5th shopping event that Icky Chic Designs and Markets of Sunshine have held at 9 pm est with unheard of discounts on select items for 30 minutes only.
Second, Spring clearance sale from May 15-31, 2017
Spring 2017 Gone
 Blink and You Lose

WHERE IS THE EVENT? At these sponsoring Etsy Shops 
Icky Chic Design 
Every Sunday Evening from 
6 - 6:30 PM Pacific Time Zone (US West Coast)
8 - 8:30 CST Central Standard Time
9 - 9:30 EST (US East Coast)
(Event will close on individual items sold before 8:30)

At 8 - 8:05 PM CST all item's listed for Sunday's Shopping Event will be ridiculously lowered in price. At 8:30 PM CST the item will be returned to it's original price. You only have a window of 30 minutes to secure these awesome deals! So you see...if you BLINK, YOU REALLY WILL LOSE...  You don't need an Etsy account to purchase these items. You can use the Etsy Guest feature to purchase items on Etsy without an account.

THIS WEEK'S EVENT ITEMS: (Sunday, May 21st)

 (Markets of Sunshine) 2nd Year Anniversary Gift For Her
Original Price: $10  
Event Price: $3
  (Markets of Sunshine)  Cash System Bookmark, Personalized Bookmark
Original Price: $15 
Event Price: $8
 (Icky Chic Designs)  Gypsy Fun Summer Tote   
Original Price$69.00 
Shipping: FREE on Sunday night's event
Event Price: $39.00
More Details and photos
 (Icky Chic Designs) 
Eyeglass Case with Key Pouch Organizer
Original Price: $22.00
Shipping: FREE on Sunday night's event
Event Price: $9.90
 (Icky Chic Designs) Women's Sleep Mask, Travel Mask - Red Gingham, Sequins
Original Price: $12.00
Event Price: $3.75
 (Icky Chic Designs) Fabric Eyeglass Case with Matching Mug Mat - African Theme
Original Price: $13.50
Event Price: $3.75
  • All transactions will take place through the Etsy shop featuring the item you choose to buy. 
  • Items are subject to change should they sell before the event starts.
WHO will walk away with these fantastic deals? It could be YOU!